Do You Want a Video?

Whether your video is educational, artistic, promotional, or for documentation, I'd love to help you make it.

Videos capture personality and emotion in a way other mediums don't, which means they are remembered better than text or pictures. More and more, videos have become an essential marketing tool. Why not make one you love?

Little Roots at the Academy of Music

The Academy of Music in Northampton is a beautiful 1890s theater. What fun to see my camera crew in the boxes.


Making a Wood Fire Kiln on the island of Moloka'i in Hawaii

While visiting Moloka'i, I had the chance to document the rebuilding of a wood fire kiln and its firing. A few potters were inspired that biochar could be the by-product of a wood kiln. By shoveling the coals into a lidded bucket, the coals were prevented from turning to ash - thus creating biochar.

Recording The Moon Shells

The Moon Shells let me record them practicing for their cd release concert series.

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